About Us

Zol Eyewear, Inc.

Care for Your Eyes.

One day as a College student at the University of Puerto Rico,  I had a moment, this time it wasn't in a classroom it was in a bathroom.  I had just bought a new $200 sunglasses, I placed the sunglasses in top of the toilet paper, got up (forgot I had just left the sunglasses in top of the toilet) went to class, and just as I came out there it was, the sun hitting my face and BANG!!!! I couldn't find my sunglasses,  I ran as fast as I could hoping for a miracle...  But no miracles for me.


I thought "Maybe people need GOOD QUALITY, GOOD STYLES, and a Value price in their Sunglasses?" 

This was just one of the experiences that led me to Creating the Brand ZOL, other helpful experiences have been doing some competitive cycling, some recreational cycling, running some 5K and 10K events, enjoying a Paddle board ride at the beach or at the lake, taking a motorcycle ride, and being a Island type of guy here in Puerto Rico.

So if you're tired of loosing, breaking and scratching expensive sunglasses, or just want to put your eyes in some great sunglasses, try us out.

We are just making the best quality, best fitting, best design sunglasses money can buy, yet not costing you over $50, And yes giving you a no hassle's warranty of 1 year.

Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the sun, protect yourself using ZOL.

And now we have just added some new products, always giving you the best... Try them out.


Yours Truly,

David Mesqueue

Zol Founder