Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-On is our 3D option to give you an idea of how well your Zol Sunglasses will fit, by providing you with a realistic 180-degree view. You can also use this tool to analyze your face shape and find frames that will highlight your features. Virtual Try On will instantly and automatically detect the size of your face. Easy as that.

How To Use Virtual Try-On

Hover over a product and click the ‘Try Me On’ button.

 ** Please make sure you’re not wearing any glasses when you’re trying on glasses virtually.

1. Real-time Try On using your camera 

Enjoy a real-time preview of frames on your face! Simply enable camera access and the feature will start working.

2. Try On with an image

If you’re buying for others or cannot use a camera, you can Try On using images. Once you upload an image, the virtual Try-On feature will automatically reuse your photo for every frame you wish to try on the site. 

How To Know Your Pupillary Distance?
Suggested Tips
  • You can use the Virtual Try-On tool across many devices - computers, cell phones, or tablets. Just make sure that the Zol website is allowed access to the camera on your device. This varies by device but can usually be found in device settings or the settings for the browser app for those using a cell phone or a tablet.